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Intelligent Systems

We develop software that analyzes non-structured data such as images, video and text. Our solutions are able to understand content in images and video, as well as text present in social networks. All without human supervision.


We provide consulting in data science, big data and machine learning. Our team is expert in data analysis and AI, with all members having a strong academic background in the field.

Research Projects

We develop projects of AI-based bleeding edge features for companies that want to create disruptive technologies.


We also provide off-the-shelf state-of-the-art AI solutions.

Multimodal Retrieval

Smart retrieval of images using text and even other images.

Opinion Analysis

Automatic analysis of opinion present in text.

Effective OCR

Automatic reading and indexing of legacy documents, such as blueprints and diagrams.


A little bit about our history.

  • 2016

    Grad Students in a Lab

    It all started in 2016 when four grad students and researchers met in a research lab at the Ponthifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. They shared the same desire and vision of bringing bleeding edge AI technology to the real world.

  • 2017

    Teia Labs is Born

    In August of 2017, Teia Labs is born. The name Teia is an acronym in Portuguese, it stands for "Artificial Intelligence Techologies". The purpose of Teia Labs is to create innovative products based on AI and help other companies achieve their goals through research and AI.

  • 2018

    AI for Education

    In 2018, Teia Labs was one of the selected startups to join Creative Startups Program, which is spored by Samsung and Anprotec. Alongside with Samsung, Teia developed an AI solution to help students and institutions that participate in online courses.

  • 2019

    AI for Oil & Gas

    In 2019, Teia was one of the three startups selected to participate in the Shell Startup Challenge. In this challenge, The Teia Team created novel AI algorithms and strategies to help in the process of deep oil extraction.

  • 2020

    AI Expansion

    In 2020, Teia Labs goal is to expand the use of AI, both in real world applications as well as in beleeding edge research. Teia is commited to grow its portflio of customers and increase the presence of AI everywhere.

Our Team

People that never get tired of learning.

Douglas Souza

Cofounder & CEO

Christian Quevedo

Cofounder & COO

Jônatas Wehrmann

Cofounder & CTO

Rodrigo Barros

Cofounder & Chief of Research

Nei Neto

Software Architect

João Severo

Backend Developer

Gabriel Simões

ML Engineer

Martin Duarte

ML Engineer